Sunday, May 21, 2006

Tobermory 2006: An introduction

The day I arrived at Cyprus Lake, the people at the campground registration gave me directions to the staffhouse, which to my relief was nearby. I continued on to the staffhouse, but it was locked… and empty. I got a key, and chose a room (one of many). It reminds me of rez at Guelph: thin walls, cot-sized beds, shared-everything, and invertebrates (see attached pic). This time round I made sure to find a single room as opposed to a shared room – that way no one listens to me talk in my sleep, and there are no closets to change in. It was kinda creepy being here on my own for the first few days. It felt like no one knew I existed in this huge old cabin with random noises.

Melody is doing well. I took her on a hack the day after Heather and Brit dropped her off. It was cold and rainy, but I still went anyways. We encountered two large Canadian Shield rocks the size of a smart-cars, which were just oddly placed in the middle of a huge field. Melody thought those were quite peculiar. She seems to have adapted well in her new surroundings. Jenny who owns the place is an enjoyable person to be around. She’s the only person I’ve met so far at the barn.